Career Development Session by Impacters in collaboration with Netlight’s Code Pub

At Impacters we focus on the empowerment of its members and provide them with opportunities to work on their personal strengths. We provide various training and personal development opportunities so that our members are able to undertake challenging tasks, explore new ideas and develop their problem solving and leadership abilities. Furthermore, we also want to make sure that our members can undertake impactful career paths once they graduate from our programs. As such, Impacters is proud to collaborate with Netlight’s Code Pub to organize a Career Development Session on 19th May, 2021. The Code Pub, a Netlight initiative, is an international meet-up for women and non-binary people who want to learn more about IT. Code Pub aims to increase the number of women and non-binary in the IT industry by lowering the threshold to get started with programming and highlighting female role models within IT. We are delighted to announce that Ms. Elianna Ristucci, Talent Manager & Equality Driver at Netlight, will join us as an instructor for the session.

Our first joint collaboration with Netlight’s Code Pub, the Career Development Session, will focus on effective CV writing, self presentation and interview techniques. The session will help the participants prepare impactful CVs and help them transform their experiences from their CVs into impactful stories during job interviews.

If you are interested in joining this workshop please register using the following registration form:
Deadline: 15th May 2021 (limited seats available)