Sandbox - The STEM Research Grant Program

Since our early days, Impacters has been committed to helping young scientists and engineers realize their full potential. In line with our commitment, Impacters is proud to present Sandbox - a program designed to encourage young innovators and curious minds.

Sandbox, a program by Impacters, offers Research Grants to highly-qualified undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in conducting research and development projects relevant to Nepal. The grant may be used for short-term research (six to eight months). This program seeks to enable access to discipline-specific resources and to build capacity, knowledge and expertise in the fields of STEM.

Who can apply?

  1. Undergraduate students in their final year (5th semester or higher for a 3-year degree or 7th semester or higher for a 4-year degree) may apply in a team of 2 to 4 students. At least half of the members must be pursuing a Science degree (B Sc., B.E. or equivalent). It is recommended to have at least one female member but is not mandatory.

  2. Graduate students in their second year may apply in a team of 2 to 3 students. At least half of the members must be pursuing a Science degree (M Sc., M.E. or equivalent). 

Students who have already written their exams and are waiting for the results are NOT eligible for the research grant. 

What can the research be about?

The research project must be related to the fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and be relevant in the context of Nepal. While the possibilities are limitless, the project should be practical and should be achievable within the allocated time frame of 6-8 months. The project must have clear deliverables and clear plans to achieve them.

Undergraduate students may apply for their final year project.

What can you expect?

  • Safe playground to envision, develop and test innovative, unique ideas to solve real-world problems

  • Help with the acquisition of the infrastructure (hardware components, cloud-based resources, data)

  • Workshops, seminars, talks to foster multidisciplinary learning and capacity building

  • Regular support and guidance from industry partners and mentors

  • Access to the network of industry experts and innovators specializing in the field related to your project

  • Diverse community where you can exchange ideas and learn from the like minded individuals

  • No strings attached - You own the intellectual rights to your project!

How to Apply

If possible all parts of the application form should be electronically generated, or otherwise neatly written. All non-electronic paper documents (for example, recommendations) must either be submitted in person at Impacters Lab in sealed envelopes or must be scanned and sent via email. 

A complete application consists of the following parts:

  • Completed Sandbox application form containing detailed description of the research project, including a timeline and budget statement

  • Curriculum vitae (résumé) of each member of the team

  • Letter of motivation

  • Undergraduates: Performance indicator in the form of transcripts or mark sheets of all available undergraduate work completed

  • Graduates: Performance indicator in the form of transcripts or mark sheets of undergraduate and all available graduate work completed

  • For the students doing the research as their final year project, an approval or pre-approval or confirmation from the responsible authority from their university

  • Optional: the team may also choose to include a recommendation from their professor or a supervisor who has worked closely with them for at least 3 months to strengthen their application. This is not mandatory and will not be considered against the application if not included.

Application Deadline

  • Application deadline: 7th August 2022 23:59 NPT

  • Applications submitted by the end of day of the deadline or earlier will be accepted; those submitted later cannot be processed. Incomplete applications are considered invalid.

  • Please note: Application materials will not be returned, and no reasons for a decision will be given.

  • Successful applicants will be notified by 31st August 2022

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