Saathi / Reel

This video reel provides an insight into the Saathi project, an AI innovation that aims to transform farming and agriculture for smallholder farmers in Nepal by offering insights into optimizing their farming methods. Saathi encourages data driven farming and establishes concrete pathways to achieve abundant harvests.

Last March Impacters decided to take on an ambitious project, Saathi. In a span of 10 months, Impacters aimed to create a complete system consisting of hardware and its software counterpart, together with the machine learning models, to help Nepali farmers adopt data-driven farming with ease. Saathi is the first AI solution in Nepal that removes the reliance on the internet to help Nepali farmers understand problems that arise during farming and identify possible solutions. Saathi, as it stands now, is an academic prototype but Impacters will continue to work on making it more efficient, reliable and affordable so as to make it more accessible to as many smallholder farmers as possible.

Watch the video here.

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